Variant Mode DLC Now Available!

The wait is over! We’re are proud to release the Variant Mode DLC for Reiner Knizia’s the Confrontation. The expansion features new achievements, new art, and an entirely new way to play: Variant Mode. Now available for PC and Mac on Steam for $9.99 and for iPad in the App Store for $6.99.

Variant Mode

The Variant Mode features 18 all new characters and 4 new special cards. The power level of both sides has equalized, with slightly stronger Light characters and more tactical Shadow minions. As Light, your goal is to guide the crown (King) to the Stronghold. As Shadow, your goal remains largely unchanged, seek out and destroy the crown or lay siege to the Capital with three denizens of Shadow. Variant mode introduces another way for Shadow to win – guide the Doombringer to the Capital.

The new characters introduce an entirely different game, requiring new strategies to be discovered in order to overcome your opponent. Will you guide the Light to fulfill its quest, or bring doom upon the world with Shadow?

Release Events

In the month leading up to the release, Offworld Games will be hosting several events to showcase the new content.

Variant Character Previews: 9/27 – 10/20

Tune in each day of the week for a new character feature. We will showcase each character’s art, spoil its abilities both in and out of combat, provide basic strategies to utilize the character successfully, and even include a video highlighting all of these in action. The previews start today with the feature of the King!

Game Play Stream on Twitch: 10/20 7pm PST

The day of the last character preview and one week before the release, tune in on Twitch to see Variant Mode gameplay. Watch your favorite new characters in action as the Devs battle it out, trying to best one another with the new content. We will discuss design insights, character strategies, and answer your questions about the upcoming release.

New Achievement Sweepstakes: 10/20 – 10/27

The new achievements will be available on Steam and iOS on 10/20. In the week leading up to the release, complete the achievements associated with the Classic game and share a screenshot on social media using the New Achievement DLC Giveaway or hashtag #ConfrontationDLC for your chance to win the Grand Prize: a free Expansion Key and a game against the Devs, streamed live on Twitch on release night!

Variant Mode Stream: 11/10 7pm PST

Tune in to Twitch on Thursday, November 10th at 7pm PST to watch the Devs play Variant mode. We’ll be taking on all challengers who want to play online and answering questions about Reiner Knizia’s the Confrontation, Offworld games, and anything else you want to know!