Reiner Knizia’s The Confrontation (PC, Mac, iPad)


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A Darkness is Stirring…

Evil sorcery is spreading over the land, and the King and his forces are all but defeated. But hope remains. The Prince and a band of heroes have embarked on a desperate quest to destroy the evil at its Stronghold, but the denizens of Shadow stand between him and the future of the kingdom.

Reiner Knizia’s The Confrontation is a turn-based strategy game pitting two players, Light and Shadow, against one another with asymmetric forces and hidden units.

Play as the beleaguered Light, carefully guiding your forces across the board, avoiding the awaiting dark side armies, and lead your Prince to the Stronghold to defeat evil at its source.

Play as the loathsome Shadow, rampaging across the land, destroying any Light character within your path. Seek out and destroy the Prince before he can succeed in his quest, or lay siege to the Capital with 3 of your units to conquer Light at its heart.

Deploy your forces, each with its own unique power, and fight your way through the land, using cards in combat to increase your strength or perform tactical feats to outwit your foe. Exploit special features throughout the landscape and powerful spells to navigate around enemy forces or ambush them as they attempt to reach their goal. Many will perish along the way, but will their sacrifices be in vain?

Like many of Knizia’s designs, The Confrontation can be played casually between beginners or fiercely between master strategists – it’s up to you and your opponents!

“… grab it if you’re looking for a tactical game to play.”
– TouchArcade

“… unlimited replayability.”
– MobileTechReview

“… a genuinely wonderful game.”
– PocketTactics

Game Features

  • Solo play versus multiple AI opponents.
  • Realtime, cross-platform online multiplayer.

Variant Mode DLC

The power level of both sides has equalized, with slightly stronger Light characters and more tactical Shadow minions. As Light, your goal is to guide the crown (King) to the Stronghold. As Shadow, your goal remains largely unchanged, seek out and destroy the crown or lay siege to the Capital with three denizens of Shadow. Variant mode introduces another way for Shadow to win – guide the Doombringer to the Capital.

The new characters introduce an entirely different game, requiring new strategies to be discovered in order to overcome your opponent. Will you guide the Light to fulfill its quest, or bring doom upon the world with Shadow?

  • 18 additional variant characters.
  • 4 additional special cards.


Requires a retina display and iOS 7 or higher, so we recommend a minimum of iPad 3 or iPad Mini 2 or newer.

Music Composed by:
Mike Weiser, (ASCAP)
Mattias Holmgren,