Opponent activity in The Confrontation

One of the things we set out to do when adapting The Confrontation to a digital format was preserve some key elements from the physical board game. Elements like bluffing out your opponent during character placement, the suspense before a character is revealed in battle, or the feeling of triumph when you see what cards the enemy has and deduce that you can force the next win.

One moment in particular jumped out to us early on and has stuck with us ever since, that moment being the tension that suddenly arises when your opponent picks up the rulebook before making his next move, or glances at the character player aid to verify someone’s special ability. Those moments get you wondering, What can he possibly be thinking? Did I miss something when making my last move?

And so our latest update (1.0.48) for The Confrontation introduces an enemy activity indicator when playing a human opponent in multiplayer. There are 3 states:

1. Opponent looking at cards:


 2. Opponent reading chat logs:


3. Opponent reading game rules or character ability:


We hope that this feature helps bring some of the physical game experience to your iPad/desktop computer!

To see this feature in action, challenge a friend to an online match or find someone in our forums.

Thanks and stay tuned for the variant character DLC soon!

App Store Download (v1.0.48)

4 Replies to “Opponent activity in The Confrontation”

    1. Hi Walter, apologies for the delay, a few things came up in the interim but we’re still hard at work on the DLC. It will definitely be available sometime in April!

    1. Hey Ben,

      We haven’t been able to test the game on a Surface yet so unfortunately we can’t say 🙁 I’ll look into Surface support later this year though.

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