Offworld Games Giveaway II

Want a chance to win one of your favorite Knizia board games? Of course you do! The rules are simple:

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.23.44 AM

  1. Gain raffle entries by following the instructions at:
    • You must be 18 or older.
    • Reward game must be still in print and $50 or less.
  2. A winner will be determined on August 8, 2016. The winner will receive 1 of the following titles of their choice:
    • Reiner Knizia’s Tigris & Euphrates
    • Reiner Knizia’s Battle Line
    • Reiner Knizia’s Samurai
    • Reiner Knizia’s Lord of the Rings: Confrontation
    • Reiner Knizia’s Ingenious
    • Reiner Knizia’s Lost Cities

We will mail the winner their game after the campaign ends (free shipping!)

Good luck!

Offworld Games

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