Legion of the Damned – Cutscene Compilation

It’s been close to 3 years since we released Legion of the Damned® for iOS. One of our favorite parts of development was working with guest artist Alex Iglesias and a talented set of voice actors to animate the campaign via graphic novel style cutscenes.

We really want everyone to enjoy this story, whether they’ve played the game or not, so we’ve uploaded a compilation of all the cutscenes from start to finish. If you like it, maybe afterwards check out the game or even better, try the books by William C. Dietz!

All the best,

Offworld Games

Cutscene Art – Alex Iglesias

Credits Music – Vitaliy Zavadskyy


Booly / Emperor / Judge – Chris Hawkins

Windsweet / Natalie – Liz Fairbanks

Perez “Salazar” / Poseen-Ka / Fossy – Steven Kelly

Cissy “Villain” – Marla Green

Scolari / Dreambox / Female Repair Tech – Karen Kahler

General St. James / Ridelong Surekill – Ryan Edwards

Legion Officer / Legionnaire / Villager – Dillon Taylor

Chief / Elder / Prison Guard – Calvin Walker

Gunner – John J. Dick

4 Replies to “Legion of the Damned – Cutscene Compilation”

  1. Wish I had a iPhone so I could play this. The cut scenes made me relive the books so well, now I have to go re-read them.

    1. Awesome to hear Sean! Let us know if you get an iPhone or iPad and try it out. We love to hear what fans of the novels think of the game 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I’m just reading the first volume of the books having been inspired to read them by playing your game. Unfortunately the game isn’t working under iOS 11 on the iPad – will you be updaing the game to work with the latest OS?

    Many thanks, Iain

  3. Hi Iain, really happy to hear you’re trying out the books! They’re kickass 🙂

    Unfortunately we’re no longer providing ongoing support for Legion post iOS 10 🙁

    Since you’re a fan of sci-fi strategy, be sure to stay tuned for Exodus: Proxima Centauri! We’re beta testing it now and are planning to release it in February!


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