Introducing Push Notifications for Reiner Knizia’s the Confrontation

Multiplayer is a big part of what makes Reiner Knizia’s the Confrontation great. We know its hard to find an opponent online, so we are introducing Push Notifications to let you know when someone is looking for an opponent! The update will be available early February 2017.

How it works

Whenever a player creates a game in the matchmaking lobby, a notification will be sent to your device to¬†let you know that someone is looking for a challenger. Click the banner, and you’ll be taken straight to the matchmaking lobby, where you can select the cued game and test your skills against the waiting¬†opponent.

The notification system will also let you know when we go live for our monthly stream to #BeattheDevs. Come play against the creators of the Confrontation to test your skills. Plus, the first person to #BeattheDevs each month wins a prize!

Don’t play the Confrontation that often? No problem! You will only get a notification if you’ve logged into the matchmaking lobby recently. However, notifications are automatically enabled in this update, but you can opt out at any time. Simply turn off notifications for Reiner Knizia’s the Confrontation for your device. You can still use the Offworld Games Forums to try to find opponents if notifications aren’t your thing.



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