DLC Character Preview: Wandering Soul

wandering_soulCalled from the void between life and death, the Wandering Soul has been conscripted into the service of the Shadow forces. It drifts lifelessly across the land, preying on the living, while waiting to be banished back beyond the veil.


The Wandering Soul is a new tactical unit for the Shadow forces. It is extremely weak in combat, but still extremely hard to kill. When defeated, the Wandering Soul may retreat backwards if a region behind it is unoccupied. Use the Wandering Soul to scout ahead, always leaving a valid retreat path. The threat of defeat for the Light will cause them to use their power cards, letting Shadow burn through its opponents options in combat. Once your opponent’s locations have been scouted and forces have been harried, move in with your stronger units to finish them off.

Game play


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