DLC Character Preview: The Great Tusker

tuskerEven the forces of nature have recognized the Shadow’s threat. The forest has sent its champion to aid the King in his quest.¬†With razor sharp tusks and ancient magics, the Great Tusker is a formidable ally for the Light’s forces.


Similar to the Desert Raider, the Great Tusker gets a power bonus when in its territory: the Darkwood. The +2 bonus on top of the Tusker’s original 4 power makes the it the strongest unit for Light. Unlike the Desert Raider, the Tusker has the means to get itself back to the woods. The Great Tusker may attack a lone unit in the Darkwood from anywhere on the board. This makes it great at getting aggressive! Punch deep into enemy territory early, with your strongest unit. But watch out! A common counter-strategy is to sit the Ancient Wurm in the Darkwood, waiting to prey on nature’s champion.

Game play


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