DLC Character Preview: Brother Soric

brother_soricProtected by his faith and motivated by righteous fury, Brother Soric, the witch hunter, has joined the fray. He has dedicated his life to seeking out and destroying evil in its nest, and will stop at nothing to see the King’s quest fulfilled.


Brother Soric is one of the Light’s most powerful new tools. When defending, he may choose that no cards are played in battle, allowing for decisive victories against weaker opponents. Move him into a defensible position, particularly with the Siege Crew providing support, and he isĀ guaranteed take down wreak havoc on your foe. When paired with the Dwarven Siege Crew, Soric’s power is only bettered by the Ancient Wurm, allowing him to defeat nearly every other Shadow character without the help of battle cards.

Brother Soric is also connected to the new special card Holy Command, and must be alive for the card to be activated.

Game play


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