Developer’s Insights: the Ships of Exodus

Hello fans!

In this week’s Developer’s Insights, we’re going to discuss our brief stint as rocket scientists. Well, not really, but we did design some pretty sweet ships for the Centaurian Resistance!

First, let’s talk about the human ships in Exodus, as they played a large role in our design of the Centaurian ships. The board game version of Exodus comes with 4 plastic models for each of the 4 human ships.

These models are awesome – one of my favorite features in the physical board game – and we directly ported them to 3D models for the game.

But what the physical edition of Exodus was lacking was the Centaurian Resistance ships. While the models were unnecessary for the board game, we absolutely have to have them for the sweet space battles you get to fight in the digital edition. We discussed briefly, and decided some asymmetric designs could be splashy, so Vaclav, our artist, went to work and came back with a few models.

While this was a good start, we decided it would be better to both follow the rough design on the Exodus board game box for resistance ships and parallel the human ships, looking to the Battle Carrier’s Engines for inspiration.

These nubs on the Battle Carrier looked like a good spot to hook up engines to, but we needed to make the Centuarian ships look more high tech. The big circle engine on the big ship was the inspiration for the design choice, though we shrunk it down to a much more manageable size. We also decided to let the number of engine circles communicate the resistance strength at a glance. Here’s what we came up with.

All 3 Resistance ships, with the same technological design and same engines. And here’s a textured version of the Capital ship:

We’re very excited with how these turned out and how they look in action during the game. I, for one, am extremely excited to see these as fleets in the forthcoming Campaign! Thanks for reading, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for our Character Introductions!





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